Geosans Light: Super clean, modern geometric font.  There’s no stress, and the stroke widths are completely even, giving it a very symmetrical feel.

Altera: I really like this font.  The high shoulders and loopy bowls on the ‘a’ adds a sleek look.

Tall Films Fine: I’m tall and skinny.  Just seem to fit.  It’s very condensed, making it almost not readable.

Abraham Lincoln: The tall x-height and condensed nature of it make it feel tall and slender, just like Tall Films, but the rounded ends and inconsistent stroke weight give some interesting elements.

Chelsea: It feels like an attempt at a clean modern serif typeface.  But the inconsistent kerning and mismatched baseline of some elements makes the type feel a little ‘off’.  It’s trying really hard, but just can’t quite be perfect.

American Typewriter: The rounded serifs seem to mimic the ink that might build up on a mechanical typewriter letter.


typography assignment 2.007


Expressive Words

flag-03 sounds






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