First Audio Project – Dreamscape, sort of.

The concept generation phase of this project was a bit tricky – we couldn’t settle.  It started with wanting to capture the sounds of a unique place and play them back using multiple channels to give a 360 feel of a space.  Think birds in the sky, a guy playing guitar far away and behind you, etc.  It proved too ambitious, and too time consuming.  The next concept involved translating lyrics from a song into sounds.  Again, proved too ambitious considering we didn’t leave ourselves enough time.

So what we ended with was a dreamscape-y, moody, non-narrative piece.  One that was meant to make the listener feel…..something.  Whatever they feel is up to them, but it was important that it evoke something.  Nostalgia, regret, joy, terror, whatever.  So with that said, here’s the piece.

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