Catch the rain, and make random lines.

Catch the Rain

This week, my partner and I swapped sketch ideas and just sort of ran with each others sketches.  Kris’s sketch from last week was a sort of raindrop themed animation, so I built on that idea and made a simple game where the goal is to catch raindrops in a bucket.  And if you catch enough rain you, obviously, save all the children.

link to sketch

It’s a similar structure to my last assignment, where I use classes to represent the raindrops and bucket, and a System class to hold all those things.  Custom methods on the raindrops allow me to check for the edge of the screen, or for the bucket.

Draw Something Random

The concept I started with was an algorithmic drawing tool.  What I ended with was this. Link to sketch

It works like this:

Two points are tracked throughout, the last point, and a new point to draw a line to.  The new point is given a random value (the value is retrieved from the slider) around the current point.  The line is drawn, then the current point is updated to have the same position as the new point.  The next time draw( ) runs, it creates another new point.  And so on.  There’s some color stuff in the middle to change the stroke color of the line to more and more blue, but reset to it’s original color after a certain number of cycles.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 8.39.15 PM

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