Logo Design

Oh boy am I out of my element here.

I started by just outlining a few words / ideas that might start to set me on the right track.  It took the form of brainstorming things about myself, things that either relate to form or message, on a whiteboard (the most versatile “thinking” tool ever invented).


It seemed helpful at the time to jump start things.  I started to hone in on the idea of “questioning” and “skepticism”, but I was totally at a loss about how to make those concepts graphical.  So I took my word map to the interwebs in search of…something.  What I came back with was this:

A random assortment of images that I don’t necessarily like, but they served as a starting point.  What this showed me was that the question mark could quickly be discarded as an element, because it’s just plain silly looking.  The flowers just look pretty (in both their color and composition).  But what I started to hone in on was the idea of simplicity.  I wanted a simple logo, and what’s simpler than a sphere?  The first image is, from my point of view, pretty well done.  I don’t necessarily know what it’s about (other than something space related), but I like the aesthetics and clever use of the letter C and the blast cloud from the rocket.

Next came a series of sketches by hand.  No one could ever accuse me of being talented with a pencil, but I did my best.

IMG_3604 IMG_3605

Which I then took to illustrator:

Logo design-01 Logo design-02

Combining the last concept with a sphere and applying a gradient to highlight the dot above the j led to my logo:

Logo design-03

If I’m being totally honest, I don’t really like it.  I’m definitely getting closer to something I would like, but I think to really nail the logo I’d have to hunt for more inspiration, sketch a TON more, and just ramble my way through a bunch more ideas.  All of which is very time consuming.  So, we must settle for the above attempt at a Logo for myself, Jamie Maxwell Charry.

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