Storyboard – How To Live in New York: Ride the Subway

Cliche?  Definitely.  But we thought it would be fun to subvert the expectations of everyone who’s ever seen a kitschy, buzz-feed-esque video about the hijinks and hilarity that occurs on what basically amounts to an underground clown car.

The camera follows our lone hero as he/she journey’s through the subway system just trying to get home.  Simple enough.  But through the use of text overlays on the screen, the invisible “narrator” will provide information, feedback, and instructions to our hero as they make their way.

It’s not necessarily a true “how-to” video in that it doesn’t clearly teach you something, but it speaks to a New York view of how to interact with not only the subway system, but the hive of people around you also attempting to just find their way home.



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