Solar Music

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My sketch this week isn’t complete.  Mainly because I wasn’t able to get everything I wanted to work properly before class!  That being said, it laid a good foundation for what I thought was going to be a neat little project.  I wanted to create a scale version of the solar system that plays music based on where the user places “notes”.  Upon a click, a line is added, the length of which would correspond to the note played when a planet crosses it.  I wasn’t able to implement the music functionality yet, and I was having annoying little issues with frame translations.  If you’ll notice, you can pan around, which I needed to allow the user to see the whole thing (since pluto gets pretty far out there.  But the consequence of panning is that I end up with translations that I have to keep track of.

And to be fair, I spent WAY too much time working through the equations of motion for these planets to ensure their orbits, relative sizes and speeds were accurate.  Obviously the sun isn’t scaled properly, but I’m proud to say all the planets are completely in scale.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.40.16 AM

It wasn’t until I showed it to a fellow to be unnamed ITP-er who looked at my sketch and immediately directed me to a site where someone already built this! Solar Beat.  Oh well.  I’m still gonna finish making this.


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