First things first – my color test:

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 10.56.02 PM

Not really sure what this means – but I guess I can discriminate subtle difference is color fairly well?  Good to know.


Now onto the fun stuff!

I took two approaches to this assignment.  The first holds true to the assignment and consists of a series of algorithmically created color compositions.  Check them out HERE.  The sketch can run pretty slowly in browsers since it’s doing a bunch of iterations each draw loop, so some screenshots can be seen below.  However, if you check out the sketch you can dynamically adjust saturation and brightness on each of these drawings by clicking and dragging the mouse around the screen.


The second sketch I made was inspired by the Albers compositions we looked at during class.  I wanted to make a canvas where the user could drag, drop, and manipulate elements to create color compositions on the fly – not unlike the iPad app that does the very same thing where I may have pilfered the idea.

Anyway, the second sketch can be found here:

Some of my compositions made with this tool:

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