Serial – and the beginnings of a robot

For this week’s exercise I just simply created a serial connection that sends data from a single analog input to a p5 sketch.  The result looks like this, and I REALLY wish I could figure out how to get this video to not show up sideways.  But alas:

It was all actually quite simple.  The other exercise in Serial had me sending bluetooth commands from a simple iPhone app that would be received by the Arduino.  The iPhone sends one byte at a time, and the Arduino patiently waits to receive a byte before acting.

The robot is starting to take shape – I used foam core to hot glue a ‘frame’ together and started playing with steppers.  I found some cheap steppers that apparently didn’t like the standard arduino Stepper library, but with some googling, and the help of this tutorial ( I found an external library that works well with the steppers I had.  After some tinkering with speed rates, acceleration rates, and steps, I started to get some movement.

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