PComp Final Ideas

After rummaging through the world wide web for a while, a few ideas started to take shape that stuck around long enough for me to consider them ideas that I may want to pursue.

  1. Robotic Orchestra – This is an extrapolation of the midterm project (one robot reading one line on a page and playing a sound according to the darkness of that line).  What if there was a small army of these things running around, some with line detection capabilities, some with drawing capabilities.  They could have some basic swarm behavior to ensure they move around the space without becoming entangled.  To start there would be no sound, but as the line drawing robots covered more ground, the cacophony would grow.
  2. Choreographic Piano – instead of robots doing all the work – what if there was a piano that would play music (obviously) but also guide small robots through a dance?  Mapping the rhythm and amplitude of the music to the behavior of our robotic dancers could be interesting.  People spend a lot of time visualizing music on a screen, but what if we did it with cute little robots?  It would grant the musician another level of control over what experience the listener (and now viewer) is having.
  3. Emotion Mirror – One of the first things we do in the morning is look at ourselves in the mirror.  We’ve become so accustomed to the way we see ourselves that at this point it often registers as a non-event.  But what if the mirror could take input in the form of physical objects whose position and orientation could be arranged to indicate the emotion that you’re feeling as you gaze into it.  The mirror would respond in a likewise fashion.  Say you’re feeling down, you move the blocks to create a sadder looking face, and the mirror gives you an encouraging word – or inversely plays sad music to echo your feelings.
  4. Personal Assistant Flower – I often choose to hide how I’m feeling from the world.  Whether as a defense or to avoid attention, or whatever the reason, perhaps it’s not always the best way to be.  So what if we had a physical manifestation (linked to some bio-data gathered from the person – i.e. pulse, sweat, temperature) that would subtly show people how you feel?  A flower pinned to your shoulder could open up wide if you’re feeling good, or close if you’re feeling anxious or stressed.
  5. Something with bikes – I don’t know.  But I really want to figure out a way to mix bikes into this.  I feel compelled to attempt to get more people to bike more often and I wish I could come up with a way to tie in into pcomp.



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