Final Project Plans – Meditative Light Installation

Ella and I decided to take her midterm concept and extrapolate it out to what it really wants to be – a full size installation.

Ella came to the table with a bunch of inspirational images and the idea of a full sized mirror, but without any sort of guiding principal driving the project, it might end up as  little more than a pretty light show.  Now, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but to take it a step further we started thinking about what do we want the viewer to feel when standing in front of this mirror.

After some wacky ideas (some of which included sand, fake glowing grass, hanging orbs) we started to hone in on the concept of mediation and thoughtfulness.  We want people to look at this mirror and not just say “Hey, that’s pretty”, but actually experience some kind of emotional reaction that would ultimately lead them to a more peaceful place.  And what better way to demonstrate how you’re feeling than by smiling?  And to make it even more personal the mirror will react in rhythm with the viewer’s pulse.  Hopefully the viewer will feel comforted by the rhythm of their own heartbeat.



For playtesting, we really wanted to get quality feedback to ensure that what we’re building would be 1) well recieved and 2) interesting enough to be a pcomp final.  So we tried to make it as realistic as possible without spending a dime.

Here’s what we’re looking for from initial playtesting:

  1. Did people know to smile to active the mirror?
  2. How did they interact with the ball on a stick?
  3. Did they know the mirror would react to them in some way? Or do they think it’s just a pretty light show?
  4. What is the user expecting from the interaction?  Were they satisfied with it? What else would they want?
  5. How long does the user expect to interact with it?

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