Stories, Features, and Wireframes – Habituate

I’m calling this app Habituate for reasons that should be pretty clear.

Concept: To spur the building of positive, habitual, behaviors through data tracking, encouragement, and helpful information


Anyone interested in self-improvement with regards to their daily habits.

Use cases

1. A student wants to spend more time reading and less time watching TV, so they set a goal to read everyday before bed, even if it’s only one page.
2. A busy dad has troubling taking time to exercise, so she sets up goals to do yoga for 15 minutes a day.
3. A enthusiastic twenty-something knows they should recycle more, but often find themsleves just throwing things away, so they pledge to recycle a little bit every day

User Stories

1. Andrew is a mother of two who has difficulty juggling work and family, and all the activities that come with those things. He often stresses about having time to make a healthy dinner for his kids, as well as taking time for himself and his wife. The constant demands on his attention leave little time for recreation, and he’s recently stopped exercising due to the lack of time. He’s starting to feel his energy levels plummet and he thinks resuming an exercise routine will re-invigorate him. But there’s just no time. So Andrew starts small, with a goal of doing 10 minutes of exercise at home everyday. Pushups, situps, jumping jacks, whatever, but do it for 10 minutes. He knows starting small is the way to build a sustainable habit. He finds it’s much easier to complete his goal when it’s small, manageable, and doable at home.
2. Jen is a college student who often finds herself watching tv when she’s in her apartment alone, but shes’s starting to feel like she watches too much tv and wishes she could motivate herself to spend less time watching and more time reading. She’s read a few books for pleasure here and there, but never really got into a routine of doing it. But each book she reads, she realizes she really does enjoy it, but finds that she often lacks the stamina to maintain reading as a permanent hobby. She knows that to form a long-lasting routine, you have to do it everyday, even if only for a few minutes, so she decides to read every night before bed. Even if she only reads one page, she’s going to read.
3. Tim is an enthusiastic twenty-seven year old who cares deeply about the environment, but often finds himself throwing recyclable material away instead of washing it and recylcing it like he knows he should. He does this mostly out of habit and laziness; it’s easier, after all, to just chuck something than to take the time to wash it and dispose of it separately. Lately this has been bothering Tim more and more, and he’s decided to push himself a bit and make himself recycle more. Everyday, he tracks whether he recycled something that should have been recylced or not. He may not use recyclable material everyday, but when he does, he wants to keep track of when he does, and when he doesn’t recycle.


1. User can select a habit from a pre-defined list, or create their own unique habit goal.
2. A prompt will encourage them to create sustainable habits, reminding them that success comes from small steps, and consistency.
3. The user can set the length of their habit (again we’ll encourage them to do at least 66 days, since that’s a solid time frame to establish a good habit)
4. A calendar-like tracking interface will allow the user to track whether they’ve accomplished their task for the day or not (and with an option for N/A in case it doesn’t apply for that specific day)
5. If the user doesn’t interact with the app for a day, a notification will be sent to their phone to remind them to perform and log their habit
6. The user can add as many habits as they want
7. When users hit a streak of x days in a row, they’ll get a congratulatory notification
8. User has access to their habits even while offline
8.1. When the phone reconnects, all new data will be offloaded to the database


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