Should we love chemicals?

In response to the class discussion last week, I was poking around the internet for things relating to food and chemicals and stumbled upon this ad:


The purpose is pretty obvious – it’s an attempt to placate any fears someone might have about eating chemicals.  Food, after all is entirely made up of chemicals.  But this add bothered me.  To try to explain why, I made a companion ad:


In the same way that these words must be arranged very carefully to create a sentence, the chemicals in an apple must be arranged in a very specific and highly complex fashion.  Sodium on it’s own is highly reactive, and can become a bomb.  But when attached to a calcium ion to create salt (NaCl) it becomes harmless.  This ad suggests that by mixing all those chemicals you get an apple, but it fails to detail the highly complex relationships between chemicals.  Without relationships, you have no apple.  You have deadly sodium.

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