What’s in my food, Midterm Presentation

Food science is a big target.  We rail on GMO’s, throw tantrums about chemicals in our food, yet happily much away on highly processed cookies when we’re feeling blue.  Those of us who like to think we’re environmentally conscious (including being aware of what you eat), tend to shy away from unknown chemicals in our food for reasons that are often hard to fully explain.  We have a gut reaction that these additives might be bad, thus we fear them.  I’m not suggesting this is the wrong mindset, but it’s somewhat of a necessary mindset that has sprung up naturally as a result of our massively industrial, and highly scientific food system.  We don’t know what disodium phosphate is, and if it might be harmful for us.  It might be totally harmless, but the point is we just don’t know.  It’s a little scary to think that we’re eating all kinds of stuff that we can’t parse or understand.  And maybe that’s okay.  The FDA and USDA are supposed to be there to ensure nothing dangerous gets in our food, right?  Right?

Without getting too deep into politics, or the myriad ways in which the FDA has let us down when it comes to regulating food, the point I want to get across is that all this stuff is just plain confusing.  And I’ve had enough conversations with people who are, if not outraged, mildly dissatisfied with 1. the vast array of things allowed to be added to our food, and 2. the fact that we have no idea what this stuff really is.  So I decided to make it easier for people to find out.  It’s not hard to do a google search for individual ingredients, but how often do you actually do that?  What if it were as easy as simply taking a picture of the ingredients label of the thing you’re eating right now.  Would that increase the odds that you’ll look into some of this stuff?

So here’s my app – tentatively, yet poorly titled: What’s in My Food.

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