First part on the metal lathe

So I have an idea for a lamp that I want to make that’s roughly based on orrery’s.  But instead of being a full blown orrery, it’s only going to have one central rod with a bulb on top, and one rotating bulb around it.  Perfect opportunity to turn some aluminum parts that I can actually use for this lamp.

I started by facing the end.

IMG_4263  IMG_4265

I then started taking down the rod.

IMG_4267 IMG_4270

Then started boring out the centerIMG_4272IMG_4274

I needed a 1/2″ bore to fit around the pipe I’ll be using for the lamp.IMG_4276

The part right off the lathe.  I need to remake that is part, as I decided that I would thread 1/8″ ips rod right into it to allow me to create the rotating piece.  So I need to leave a larger flat surface that I can tap to fit the inner lamp rod I’ll be using.  That’s for next time.  IMG_4278

2 thoughts on “First part on the metal lathe

    1. jcharry Post author

      Using a threaded nipple is a great idea. I didn’t think of that. But I was able to find a tap for 1/8″ IPS pipe. In the process I learned more than I wanted to about pipe standards, tap standards, and some other boring stuff. Oddly the hardest thing to find was a standalone size “s” drill bit (since that’s what the tap requires). But I got everything for about $15, so it wasn’t too bad.

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