Machined piece

I didn’t really have something I wanted to make, so I just started turning.

I started to ‘see’ a chess piece emerging out of the stock, so I decided I’d try to transform what I had into a pawn.


Parting was kind of a pain, but it went okay.IMG_4307

After the piece was parted, I flipped it, turned a sort of ’rounded edge’, then started drilling holes to be tapped.  I had to flip the piece and drill from the other side to get the hole to go all the way through the piece.

When I clamped the piece to tap it by hand (after starting it on the lathe), the vice left some nice big teeth marks in the part.  So I threw back on the lathe for a few minutes to take down the parts that were scuffed.  And voila, my finished ‘chess piece’.  Even though it looked way different in my head.IMG_4309

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