Char-RNN: Generating HTML

Using this char-rnn tensorflow implementation to generate HTML feels almost too easy, but I was curious to see how a network could learn not only how to syntactically write HTML, but if it would also learn about any underlying commonalities between web pages. The theory being that much of the internet looks the same…

A first pass produced the following output:

Note: To see the raw html output, see the bottom of the post.

What’s sort of fascinating is that I didn’t touch up the output in anyway. I simply saved it to a file, then opened it in a browser, and it rendered without a hitch. First and foremost this tells me that browsers (I only tested it with chrome) are very good at rendering broken or bad html. Secondly, the output actually has structure. The page looks like it even has sections. There’s the main image, with a caption, a small body, and even a comments section. This tells me that probably the html I used to train was heavy with blogs or sites that have articles and comment sections.

The raw html does kind of look like html. It’s indented, tags are always named properly, although they don’t necessarily close properly. Class names are usually believable, and links sometimes actually link to real websites.


I started by crawling the web with a little python based web crawler. It loads up a page of my choosing, finds all the links on that page, then makes HTTP requests to each link, and finally saves the output to a file. Of course I tried to respect robots.txt files and only crawled pages that allowed crawling.

Once I had a significant amount of html – about 150000 lines in total, I ran it through Beautiful Soup to remove script tags and comments (I didn’t want the possibility of a line of javascript running, even though the odds of writing valid javascript are probably super slim). Finally, I concatenated all the html into one huge file, and trained a Char-rnn network with 3 layers. Training took about 2.5 full days on my little machine.


So, the output leaves something to be desired. The actual text inside html elements is a garbled mess. While the program learned the general structure of HTML, it didn’t properly learn how to close tags, although for browsers it appears that unterminated tags aren’t a dealbreaker. And of course, any links (images or otherwise) are usually made up (even though they often look like real links), and don’t lead to a real page or resource.

I’m wondering if given a larger network and significantly more data, the output would improve. I guess that’s the next step.

Raw HTML Output

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