Hacking the Browser Week 1

Chrome Experiments is always good for a burst of inspiration. Looking through I found this super cool little experiment by Zach Lieberman: Lines

I love how it naturally moves through features in each photo. It’s simple, but really graceful. I’m not sure if it’s just pulling from a limited set a photos, or it’s actually finding the same kinds of features over and over again in different photos, but after a while it seems that the shapes and line movements tend to repeat. But that could just be me.

Then there was this pretty weird chrome extension, called Wurstify, that puts a beard on any photo of a person you see.

Pointless, and fun. What could be better?

Some simple extensions

I didn’t quite make a responsive page, but I started playing around with Chrome Extensions to get a feel for the basic structure of them. A few simple experiments.

  1. Canvas that slowly obscures your view
  2. stripes

  3. An extension that relocates the google search by when you hover over it
  4. jumpy_google_search_bar

  5. And an extension for facebook that removes the entire page and replaces it with one word: ‘NO’
  6. facebookNO

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