Cornell Box

It’s really rough, but here it is

The basic idea is this: ideas are scattered.  It’s a normal feeling.  Ideas lead to other ideas, which lead to starts and stops and tangents and dead ends.  But, ideas eventually start to coalesce.  After enough effort, those scattered ideas can sometimes lead to a moment of enlightenment.

Right before making this, I myself had a brief moment of enlightenment.   I altered my focus.  I was thinking about how to best make a game, but just before this semester started I’d been spending hours on hours building a rudimentary physics library (which isn’t done).  I had an epiphany, what I learned building the engine was far superior to what I could have learned from a game aimed at teaching me physics.  The epiphany was that I should alter my focus.  Instead of making a game, I should make a tool that makes making games eaiser.  A tool so simple that middle school students can use it.  Making games requires all sorts of critical thinking, and to make a realistic game requires some understanding of the scientific principles that make the world go round.  I feel really good about this.  I’m ready to switch up my idea and make my focus a really simple, kid oriented, javascript game engine.  Something like p5, but that allows kids to draw they’re own characters, to implement their own game world, and to do some math while they’re at it.  The trick is I still want to focus on science, so perhaps I need to have a few game templates to work from?

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