Seta Progress – Feature Updates

I’ve fleshed out the prototype some more and added the following features:

  1. Drag bodies to set their position
  2. Pan the world by dragging the background
  3. Allow user to set gravity strength and whether the world has air or not
  4. Fixed some bugs when setting a body to static
  5. Allow user to resize bodies through the properties panel
  6. Add multiple game states that are isolated from one another
  7. User can add constraints to two bodies

TODO & open technical questions:

  1. Allow for setting the world size through the properties pane
  2. UI for setting collision handlers
  3. Actually setting collision handlers
  4. How do I handle changing game states?
  5. Mouse event handlers should be quarantined to the state of the app (i.e. creation phase controls vs. mouse controls when game is playing)
  6. BUG: Entering text into properties text boxes is a little wonky. It works, but in a slightly weird way. Has to do with the fact they are controlled components, and need to update state on change, but sometimes state shoudl be updated without updating the body.

And now, a GIF

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