I’m Jamie.  I like science.  I like blowing people’s mind with science.  I bet you were wondering how the sun works?  Or why the sky’s blue?  Well, I’m here to tell you!  And it’s not because the of the reflection of the ocean.

I grew up watching Mythbusters and Junkyard Wars (or Scrapheap Challenge if you’re a Brit).  I love engineering, science, and technology and want to share that passion with everyone I come across.  That’s why I’m at ITP – to learn the skills and work with people who’ll inspire and let loose the educational (and, let’s be real, often times annoyingly educational) beast inside me.  Here you’ll find all my ITP related goodness.  My more polished work (if there actually is more polished work to show) can be found at jcharry.com.

Thanks folks!

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